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International Workshop on Motor Skill Training

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

International Workshop organized by Fit Futures on Motor Skill For Kids Development

Workshop organized by Fit Futures on Motor Skill For Kids Development in association with Dominque Chiquet, Founder of Motor Skill Learning, Swiss Kinder sports expert & Swiss Olympic Coach took place at iStay Hotels, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India on date 29th & 30th Nov 2019.

More than 100 people from all over India participated in this Motor Skill For Kids Development, Training & Certification Programme. Participants spent two days in Motor Skill workshop. All participants were honoured by International Certificate Accredited by International Association for CAPS.

If children are unhappy in school, we need to think how we should make preschool class room joyful. Children love to play, so teachers & parents can motivate children to participate actively in the sports & physical activities and it is fun for everyone. Early Learners should not feel miserable in regular class room.

Children will find the joy in Motor skills development activities and it is a foundation for them to continue to be physically more active in later stage of life. Some children may need support to develop their motor skills, but due to lack of experienced trainer it is difficult to develop motor skills.

Motor Skill Learning is specially designed for Age Group 3 to 7 Kids. The curriculum is available online for Kindergartens, Preschools, Day-care Centres, Sports Clubs, Community Centres, Therapists, Parents.

Motor skills development make a progressive change in motor behaviour of children throughout the life. Not all children are able to acquire skill within a few lessons, but it is important to introduce the Motor Skills, and show them how to practice those motors kill activities. Trainer need to modify or adapt activities that will suit to different age groups with suitable equipment. They should teach skills from simple to complex and break down the instruction into smaller steps.

Key ideas of Fit futures in Motor Skills Development

1. Quality training & implementation in short and focused manner.

2. Utilising existing resources.

3. Teaching & adding of new skills in training.

4. Minimise frustrations and developing happy environment for learning

5. Use of appropriate working equipment makes a difference in the success of children’s development.

6. Making of Motor skills more interesting for regular practice.

About Fit Futures-

We are pleased to introduce Fit Futures India as an organization that specializes in Empowering Education & Individuals through value based Sports/Fitness/Motor Skill Training & Early child Development &Physical Education Programs where one can improve kids health, sports skills , academic performance & professional arena, relationships

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