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Motor Skill Learning

Why Motor Skill Learning?

The learning area Motor Skills  Development helps to develop children’s motor skills  and  participation  in  physical activities. This the foundation for the kids in the early stage of development to learn how to develop physical skills & grow confidence. Active  involvement 

of teachers motivate  children to participate actively in physical activities & fun  for everyone.

Motor skills Affiliate Program

Fit Futures’ vision is that every young child should be active and sportive.Our role in achieving this is to promote the interests of sports in all young children, and to support the delivery of high-quality early childhood development programme.

Curriculum Learning for Motor Skills
  • Get exclusive access to the Motor Skill Learning curriculum worth 28 years of Dominique’s effort and knowledge.

  • ​Kindergarten PE classes present a challenge for the teacher and are mentally tough. The Motor Skill Learning Academy provides 4 yearly PE curriculums, all in video format, for ages 3-4, 4-5, 5-6 and 6-7.

Motorl Skill Training
  • Become a certified coach

  • Workshops to help you upgrade yourself

  • Coach Workshop & Certification for Teachers & Businesses wanting to start or grow their sports program.

  • The Motor Skill Learning Workshop & Certification catering to Age Group 3 to 7 Kids.

Own a Motor Skill Centre_Banner)1.png
Motor Skill Centre
  • Own a Motor Skill Development Centre.

  • Gain Financial Independence on Your Own Schedule

  • Launch a Proven Business in as little as 1-2 Months.

  • Partner with Fit Futures and open your own International Motor Skill Development Center.

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