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Children’s Active Play & Motorskills Development Instructor Workshop

Kids Fitness Ability: Successful completion of our Children’s Active Play & Motorskills Development Instructor Workshop

[Chennai, 17 Jun 2023] – Lead Child Health and Wellness Company FitFutures [17 Jun 2023] is pleased to announce the completion of our 4th Children’s Active Play & Motorskills Development Educator International Workshop held at Chennai. This workshop marked an important step in our commitment to promoting activeness including healthy lifestyles among younger generations.

The one-day event brought together teams of educators, fitness enthusiasts, and child development professionals from all states, who all share a passion for advancing children’s physical activity and well-being.

Highlights of the conference include:

Expert-led session: Leading child fitness expert from Switzerland Mr. Dominique Chiquet (ex- swiss Olympic coach) shared their insights on effective teaching methods, child-friendly exercise, and the importance of age-appropriate physical activity profile.

Interactive workshops: Participants participated in hands-on activities demonstrating how to make physical education sessions fun, educational, and fun for children of different ages and abilities.

Networking opportunities: Attendees had the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals, creating a collaborative environment to move the children’s fitness movement forward.

FREE Resources: All participants received comprehensive workshop resources, including lesson plans, activity guides, and references to ensure they could apply their new skills to their learning environments in.

Gross Motor Skills Development for kids is the base for all sports.

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