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How to start Homeschooling Journey?

Now as you have decided to go for HomeSchooling for your kids, the real challenge comes now when you start preparing your curriculum.

How to Start?

Where to Start?

Keep these below points into consideration before start teaching -

How to Start?

First, it's always #orally. By showing pictures, flashcards, naming everyday objects, reading stories or picture books as per the age of your child.

Later when the child has been introduced to letters and is conversant with each letters formation, writing, recognition, etc then you start #writing and introducing #spellings to the child one by one slowly

Where to Start?

  1. First work on increasing your kid's vocabulary. As and when you are talking to your child, tell them... Like this is a "table", " Apple".. Etc... First stick to 1 language, either English or your mother tongue. Use flashcards to teach. Download here.

  2. Then work on the fine motor skills ( movement of fingers) by introducing colors, crayons, chalks. Games where the kid has to use his fingers to pick up something; beading, etc..

  3. Along with it, focus on the gross motor (full-body movement) physical development. Like play running, catch me, hide n seek, jump, walk forward, walk backward, dance, etc be as creative as you can be.

  4. Then slowly introduce letters... English or whichever language you have decided for your child... Go step by step... One letter at a time. Use lots of art n crafts, coloring, etc... Build on increasingly that letters vocab as much as you can... Like the child, should be able to say n recognize... A for ant, apple, apricot, etc... Not just A for apple.

When you start teaching, you will automatically start coming up with ideas... Because Mothers are natural Teachers...

5.Introduce writing at the last when you are sure that the child is ready, his fine motors are strong, his pencil grip is correct, etc...

Always use colorful pictures, pencils, crayons as children love colors.

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