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Fit Futures Announces Partnership with Fun Fitness Blender

Fit Futures happy to announce Fun Fitness Blender as its authorized Ambassador for Pune & Maharastra Region. And give all rights to sell/provide service for Fit Futures and Motor Skill Learning Academy Switzerland services for the region.

  1. International & National Teacher training program

  2. Motor skills development & After-school center

  3. In-school program

About FitFutures

FitFutures programs are widely accepted by the parents and the schools as it comes with positive results where the child enjoys the fun activities more shifting their concentration from watching TV and smart phones to physical activities facilitating their overall growth. All activities are carefully and age-appropriately structured by experts to benefit and boost their development.

To learn more about FitFutures, please visit:

About Fun Fitness Blender

Fun Fitness Blender is India’s first fitness company who work on all fitness components like strength training, cardio with dance fitness, sports fitness, along with outdoor learning programs like camping and & adventure. Celebration of your special days like birthdays, Get together with fitness moves and nature trail.

To learn more about Fun Fitness Blender, please visit:


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