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International Workshop on Children's Active Play & Motor Skill development

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

You Can’t Spell hoPE Without PE!

Workshops • Professional Development • Keynotes

Thank you for the job you do. You can’t spell resPEct without P.E. We have great resPEct for your service and work.

It is not a coincidence that the two most important letters in the word “respect” are P and E. In fact, without PE we’d be hard pressed to PErservere, inspire with hoPE, honorably compete, keep kids in shaPE, and teach cooPErative teamwork. No question, PE is vital and the work you do essential.

The Children's Active Play and Motor Skill Development Conference ( held at The Princeton School , Kalyan Nagar ,Bangalore ) included talks on numerous topics from various international and national leaders followed by workshops. Most of them were practical workshops focused on a motor skill development of kids. A crowd of over 100 engaged members came together on 1st Dec (Saturday) to participate in this event .The number of attendees were double compared to last 3 years, the event was filled with representatives of businesses houses, educational institutions, as well as physiotherapist and physical trainer from schools.

The event featured seven speakers that ranged from Swiss Olympic Coach, Kick Boxing champion ,Nutritionist, Sports medicine, sports professional,entrepreneur and leader of education. Who brought talks that ranged from motor Skill Training , early child Development & physical education programs & how to improve kids health, sports skills & academic performance.

Several people mentioned that they would love to see workshops focused on fun activities . It was very informative and motivating. It gave them a new perspective on the importance of sports, especially how to create an awareness among parents in this regards. They Learn how to incorporate motor activities in the early childhood classes. Folks decided to create a track of Motor Skill Stages activities , where they showed ways to use props and implement fun activities at their child development center easily.

These two days were filled with inspiration and passion. People got the experience & training on Active Play and Motor Skills for Children’s physical development'.

One of the speakers was Dominique Chiquet International Coach from Basel , Switzerland (Early Childhood PE Educator, Swiss Olympic Coach. Who gave practical training on Motor Skill activities, theory Class for Motor Skill stages & Curriculum development tips.

Panel discussion ( Sports in Education) & ideas shared during the day by Speakers & Guest for the Event Mr. Girish R Gowda, First person to won Silver Medal in K1 rules WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2016. 9 time national champion in Kick Boxing. Celebrity trainer, Fitness professional.

Sushmaa Jaiswal, Founder of SWASTHYA NUTRITION (India's 1st Multi Speciality NUTRITION Centre) has more than 35years experience across the globe in association with UNO, WHO & many International Organizations. She is honoured as Best Nutritionist for Preventive Health care & Dealing with Deficiencies.

Dr. Pritam Agrawal, Founder of Riverstone & Hello kids,Successful entrepreneur and leader of education. Hello kids Preschool has 600+ centers and has presence in India & Nepal.

Mr. H.Sreedhar, Founder,Faculty Sports medicine – Symbiosis Pune & Swarnim Gujarat Sports university. Testing Elite athletes – Kabbadi world Cup. Sports Medicine, Medical Imaging, Neuro rehab, Corporate.Preventive health, School Health Programs, Psychological Counseling. Set up India’s first Mobile Human performance Lab.

Dr. Anuradha, CEO- TrueSport Private Ltd,A dentist and sports professional, holding a masters degree Sports Management and Administration from Switzerland ( and a national gymnast many years ago. A part of the task group set up the state government to draft the sports policy. Master Franchisee India Region l Brazilian Soccer Schools I Socatots ( world's number one toddlers football)

Mr. Supriyo Guharoy, CEO The Princeton school,Indo Asian Group of Institutions

The event was hosted by Fit Futures India as a organization that specializes in Empowering Education & Individuals through value based Sports/Fitness/Motor Skill Training & Early child Development & Physical Education Programs .

The Child Development conference was not just talks and workshops. People has received training completion Certificate from Motor Skill Learning Academy ,Switzerland. They also received open source online material created by MotorSkillLearning Academy and distributed under free licenses. If you want to know more about full year curriculum access please contact Fit Futures.

Click here to know more about futures event.

More Details:

Photos are available at Google Drive ( Click to Download)

Videos are available public at Youtube

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