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Fit Futures Partners with Motor Skill Learning Academy,switzerland

Fit Futures has partnered with Motor Skill Learning Academy , Basel Switzerland to launch Motor Skill Learning programme & services in India.

Kavita Jain, Co-founder of Fit Futures programme, plan to provide fitness & sports to all preschool present at rural/urban sector at budgeted cost.

Motor skill learning Online

Motor Skill Learning video curriculum : Get Yearly access to 250+ video activities ,segregated age wise 3-4, 4-5, 5-6 and 6-7 - monthly - weekly - Module wise . The course will teach the participants how to design, develop and implement Motor Skill program.

Workshop & Certification: International Teacher training program . Precisely, the course will teach the participants how to design, develop and implement Motor Skill program. After completion, learners will receive a Specialization Certificate and will have a high-level perception of the PE Sport Programs.

After school Kids motor skill development authorise Centre : If you would like to start your own kids activity centre , Motor Skill Learning centre is right platform

Motor Skill Learning Affiliation : Organization/Individual can became a member of Motor skill learning international community and represent yourself in international level and get benefits of it.

Dominique , a former Swiss Olympic coach founder of the motor skill Learning Academy from Switzerland provide motor skill development programs for three to seven year old schools kids.

He says - "In India we work with Fit futures from Bangalore. If you're interested in implementing programs to develop motor skills definitely recommend to work with Fit Futures contact Fit futures give you more information."

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