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WEIGHT Loss Journey of a Kid !

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

This is the #Fat2Fit story of Aayan an 11 years old kid - Ayaan (@ayaanislosingit) during lockdown with his parent's help @Home.

Please listen to his weight loss journey from her mother Mrs. Komal Puri

👉He had put on a lot of weight during the lockdown and online schooling. We realized that we have to make a lifestyle change before it gets further worse.

I am sharing my personal experience and I am still learning at every step.

Habits that helped him lose weight and what I learned:-

1. Saying NO to processed food, cereals, junk, and sugar.

2. Increasing intake of #Protein by having protein in every meal and staying hydrated.

3. Choosing slow improvement over speed. He lost 2 kgs per month which is a sustainable weight loss.

4. Increasing daily activity.

Start from 8k steps and go higher. His daily count on average is 18k steps which he achieves by playing sports and working out with me.

5. Prioritize health and happiness.

Never put your child on a restrictive diet. Clean eating is a lifestyle change and it becomes a habit eventually. My son enjoyed one cheat day per week but he balanced it out with extra workouts over the weekend.

6. Choose the activity with your kid.

Don't force any workouts or exercises on your kids. They learn by example. Go for a run or walks with them or make them your cardio/yoga buddy. The most important for them is to enjoy what they are doing.

7. Teaching kids to respect their body and making them understand that weight loss may not always be downward.

Nagging as a parent won't help. As a parent, you should teach them to feel confident in their skin and tell them that nothing is impossible to achieve with hard work and discipline. Plateaus and fluctuations are a usual part of losing weight. Slow progress is also progress.

8. Creating a support system.

Any fitness/weight loss journey needs a supportive environment and thus, ensure that family and friends are aware of what your kid is trying to achieve and hence extend their cooperation.

Everything is achievable once you decide to put your mind and body to it.

Go for any online session, offline session, or follow youtube videos. But make sure to do fitness exercises along with your kids.

So what are you waiting for ???

It's time to have a #FitFutures

Don't forget to Congratulate Ayaan (@ayaanislosingit) .

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