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Children healthy eating pattern tips

Are you struggling with your kids to make them eat?

Follow below 14 tips to develop healthy eating habit among kids -

  1. • Involve the child in selecting the food items

  2. Get your child involved in #cooking

  3. • Find the alternatives to unhealthy items in your fridge (like prepare smoothies instead of ice cream, use olive oil instead of butter, etc.)

  4. • Prepare a variety of homemade foods.

  5. • Hide veggies in other foods.

  6. • Keep fruits and vegetables on tables that are easily accessible to children.

  7. • Avoid packaged and processed food.

  8. • Don’t force the child to eat a full plate or to clean plate.

  9. • Avoid TV, Computer, video game or mobile, etc. while eating food.

10 Eat at least one meal together as a family

11 • Involve the kids in setting the dining table.

12 • Make it a fun event.

13 • Count the colors of the food

14 • Be the role model.

Along with eating healthy kids also need fitness & play outdoor to have a healthy future.

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