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  1. The Motor Skill Learning Workshop & Certification catering to Age Group 3 to 7 Kids

  2. Kindergartens, Afterschool Programs, Kids Gyms, Preschools, Daycare Centers, Sports Clubs, Community Centers, Therapists, Parents.

Workshop by Dominique Chiquet

International Coach,Switzerland

Early Childhood PE Educator,

Swiss Olympic Coach, Former Professional Athlete,Coach Educator and Sport Camp Programs Director

With the workshop, you’ll get these bonuses

  • International Training Certificate

  • Kids PE Curriculum development tips & Learning

  • The 5 Motor Skills benefits & concepts explained

  • Learn best fun games and challenges for each motor skills

  • 90% Practical application and 10% Theory

  • Job / Business Opportunity

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What people are saying about this
Certified Kids Fitness Coach Program


Of course, Sir, it was very useful and knowledgeable for my professional growth.

Kindly keep updating me regarding this type of workshop or any events like this. Thank you so much Sir.


Thank you, Manish, you have organized such a programme in a very good way. Hope to join hands with you and work for the betterment of the future.

Hi Manish, thank you so much for organizing such a wonderful workshop. It was really a great, fruitful, very informative workshop. Thanks a lot.


"Motor Skills - Play time for Early Learners"​

Dominique Chiquet-FitFutures.

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