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Keep the kids Fit, Active, and boost their Strength and Immunity with Fun & Fitness session - Online/Offline 

Fun Fitness Training program for [3-7 & 8-14 y]

Fit Futures is a fun-filled solution for your kid to be active and improve their motor skills. We bring you a team of qualified fitness coaches who reach out to your kids at your preschool/School and provide a welcome dose of structured physical activity.


We introduce the concept of sports and various other aspects of Physical Education by providing age-appropriate fun-filled and structured Physical Activities to Pre-K grade students.

Fit Future helps you to 
Add health/fitness to your Online/Offiline school/preschool program.

👉 Fun Fitness sessions [3-7y]:  Interesting  & engaging Theme-based fun fitness, prop-based workout, musical fitness, story fitness, gross-motor skills game, etc.  
👉 Multi-Sport, Fitness Challenge [8-14y]:  - Serious fitness session, any  single sports, KARATE, Boxing, YOGA, Zumba , cardio drumming,..etc

Fit Futures online fitness program

Today, parents are quite concerned about their kid's health and fitness. So, As a Preschool/School Make a difference by inculcating Fitness along with education to keep the kids fit, active and boost their strength and immunity.

Fit Future helps you to 
Add health/fitness to your Online school/preschool program.

Key Benefits-
🎯 International certified kids trainer for the online sess
🎯 Age-appropriate activities with home-based  equipment 
🎯 Parents-child partner fitness program to give maximum benefit.
🎯 No min-max kids condition
🎯 Change coach anytime
🎯  **Kids fitness assesment& Sports Day 
🎯 Flexible fees/payment option starts with **Rs300/- per session


Fit Futures teacher Training program

Now you can implement international Motor skills development fitness and sports program for your kids with the existing teachers. 

Fit Futures helps to organize a special kids fitness teacher training program for the teachers and also provides a curriculum and content to be followed for the year.


🎯Easy to follow structured international Video Curriculum.

🎯Book the Training & Certification program for teachers.

🎯Take Local training min 3 times in a year

🎯International training-1 time in a year by our international coach

🎯 Option to have online training and on-premises training as well.


Why Fit Futures ?


​A program best suited for preschool Kids. Fun with Fitness. Experts agree there is no better time than a preschool to start preventing childhood obesity and other lifestyle diseases. No other time in a child's life is education more effective in developing habits.

Most classrooms have at least one impulsive child and in our experience, some classes have more than one. These impulsive children are frequently in trouble and display sincere regret for their actions repeatedly. When teaching, I wondered, “Will they ever learn?” A new study suggests that a simple solution for the impulsive child is physical activity. Published in the Obesity Reviews, researchers identified that the brain controls inhibitory control which regulates impulsive behavior.

The research also found a link between neurocognitive functions relating to eating behaviors and exercise. In other words, physical activity in school has a positive influence on impulsive eating and actions. In light of these findings, physical activity has two benefits schools should be interested in childhood obesity intervention, as well as, a calming effect on impulsive children.

So what a Preschool can DO ?

  • Introduce Comprehensive programs that focus on daily activities like physical education classes all through kindergarten to high school.

  • Adequate resources for the same that include program funding, equipment etc.

  • Trained professionals to carry out the training activities.

  • Making sure that all the children are benefited by this including the ones with physical disabilities.

  • Regular evaluation and comprehensive education set-up.

  • See If the minutes allocated in school for PE is as per National standards.

  • Determine if the PE Program uses an activity-based curriculum.

  • Advocate one annual review for PE program.

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