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How to Use STRAVA for Virtual Run?

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Follow the below steps to use the Strava app to participate in Virtual Kids Global Run!!

It uses Gps to track your run.

Note- Multiple participants from the family can use 1 app to track everyone's details.

Download Strava App

Search Strava and download from your device’s app store (the App Store for iPhones and Google Play for Android devices),

Create Account

Next, you’ll need to create your Strava account.

Some basic information for your profile: Name, and provide your birthday and gender. ( for kids - You can provide parents details here as Strava does not allow kids below 12 years)

Provide Access:

Provide relevant access it asks for like - location, health data..; later anytime you can change your privacy settings and hide it.

It's FREE :

When it asks for a premium or try a 1-month free option -> Just click on the SKIP option. As the FREE version is more than enough.

JOIN the Virtual RUN :

Tap on Clubs, and you’ll see suggestions for Strava clubs near you. Then search and Join Fit Futures clubs.

Than look For Global Virtual Run Event inside the club and Join it. This is the way to connect with running peers you might never have met in person.

Finally, once you start logging runs, you’ll start to notice your performance and your position on the leaderboard.

Record Activity:

Strava offers three ways to record an activity: entering the data manually, recording your run with the Strava app on your phone as you run, or syncing the data recorded by a fitness tracker app or a GPS watch.


Strava app -> Tap the Record tab.

To begin recording, simply tap the Start button near the bottom of the screen.

The GPS on your smartphone will record the data from there,

You will be able to see timers, distance ran and your speed

and once you’re done with your KM , Stop it and it will be uploaded to your activities when you hit save.


Tap the square, stop icon to pause your activity. You'll then have the option to either Resume the recording or Finish it.

1- Pressing the Finish button will take you to the Save Activity screen.

2- Set the activity Title - write Participant Name & age, Activity Type – Run

3- Tap Save Activity to upload - and be aware that if you tap Discard (and then confirm this choice) - there is no way for Strava to recover the activity.

4- Your activity will appear on the Feed screen immediately and you’ll be able to view the full activity details & your rank and pear runners data in CLUB section after it is done syncing.

Other Options to Record:

If you face any issue in the above process, you can upload your data by manual entry

Manual entry: Choose the plus sign (upper right) then select the manual entry option. From there, you can fill in as many details as you know Like – distance, time & speed , taken, for example, from a basic watch.

Fitness tracker: Many mainstream brands Strava recognizes, you can link your Strava account with the watch so that activities recorded on it will automatically sync and upload to Strava. You’ll then see a list of available brands to connect with your Strava account. This connection will be saved in My Apps in your profile settings.


You can see your Run Activities in the application as below.

Club Run Summery

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