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Fun & Interactive fitness Classes for Kids Aged 4-12

Live, Interactive & Engaging

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Replace your child's screen time with physical & mental fitness. Child-Friendly Workouts with Fun & Engaging activities. Top Experienced Coaches. Live Interactive Sessions.

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Keep the kids fit, active and boost their strength and immunity.

Fitness Activities for Kids - Fully Online and Personalised

 Dance and Fitness

  • 3 days/ week.(12 classes/Month)

  • Tuesday-Wednesday- Friday

  • 4 to 5 pm

  • 2 Day -Dance 1 Day -Fitness

  • 1200/month ( FREE Trial)

  • Bollywood Songs

Gymnastic & Body Movement

Basic Gymnastic Movements for Kids @home, Stretching Exercises​ , Fitness Exercises

FREE Trail

Age - 5 + year

Date - TBD 

Karate for Kids

  • 2 Days a week (8 classes/Month)

  • Wednesday - Friday

  • 5:30 to 6:30 pm

  • By certified National level Trainer

  • 1000/month(FREE Trial)

  • Age Group: 4 years and above

Fine Motor Skills and Brain Gym

Fine Motor assesement ,Activities to improve fine motor skills , visual perception activities, locomotor activities

Age Group - 2.5 Year +

Date - TBD

Fun Fitness with Gross Motor Skill

  • 3 days/ week (12 classes/Month)

  • Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday

  • Age group - 3yrs to 7yrs

  • 5:30 pm to 6:10 pm

  • 1200/Month (FREE Trial)

  • Fun fitness,Gross motor activities

Forgotten Game

Old Forgotten Games

Draw and learn traditional ancient alignment strategy games and play with people at home. Fun and bonding time.

Parents and Child - Any Age

Date -  Event

Online Fitness & Development session for kids!

  • Play sessions to maintain physical and mental well being @Home

  • Child-friendly workout formats to ensure your child never gets bored

  • Personalized sessions with small batch sizes of 6 to 12 kids

  • Experienced/International Certified  Trainers with children

Limited slots available

Every Fitness class
is a fun-filled experience 


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