After School Program

Designed for kids aged between 2 and 12

Available in weekend session , Program Designed for Kids Aged between 2 to 12. Fun-packed activities vary from day to day and week to week so that there is something for everyone. This includes: A wide range of sports , Creative games, Weekend Program, Apartment Program, Adhoc Program.

Benefit of After School Program

  • You can enroll your child for these programs for better development and individual training.

  • These activities can focus on programs to overcome your child’s personal problems.

  • They also involve counseling and all-round psychological development through cognitive activities.

  • This helps in the establishment of relationships with society and a better social outlook.

We have DIFFERENT PROGRAM for you to enroll your kids. Classes for All AGE group.

Participants will be introduced to:

  • Newest activities and games from the field of Physical Education and Athletic Development

  • A variety of sport-related skills and team games

  • Age-appropriate athletic development techniques

  • We have small group sizes of 1:15 maximum.

  • All staff is background checked and our Program director and general manager on-site for direct supervision of staff/instructors.

  • Gymnastic & Body Movement

    Focused more on the skill development program for kids. Based on Kids activity level we recommend the skills be it gymnastic, Ball Games, or strengthening bone & power program. Recommended just after completing the beginner level or for active kids.

    Eligible - Age - 6-8 year

    Duration: 10 Week, 20 weeks, 30 week

  • Motor Skill Development Fun Program

    A Switzerland program which emphasize more on gross motor skill development of kids. It has fun to engage kids to sports & Fitness. We introduce the concept of Sports to kids. Program mainly for kids 2-7 years of age who  don't  don’t find sports  as fun but still need fitness for healthy futures.

    Eligible Age - 3-6 year   , 6-8 year

    Duration: 10 Week  , 20 week , 30 week

  • Forgotten Game

    We introduce the 90’s childhood games to kids. Kids are curious to learn new games every alternate session. Kids have fun and create interest in outdoor play.  Kids design their own games toward the end of the program. Fitness and basics sports skills are passed on to kids in every class.

    Eligible  - Age – 8-12 year

    Duration : 10 Week  , 20 week  

  • Multi-Sports

    Kids learning new sports skills in every class. We introduce rules & skills of all ball games like Football, Basketball, Cricket,  Badminton etc.  Kids start as beginners and go till the experts’ level. Kids enjoy the class and eligible to select single sports toward the end of the program.

    Eligible  - Age – 8-12 year

    Duration : 10 Week  , 20 week , 30 week

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